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DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme is now open for applications.

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Name of donor:Berliner Künstlerprogramm

Size of the grant:Not available


Reference URL :https://www.berliner-

Priority area(s) of interest

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme is now open for applications.

  • Film: Each year, three filmmakers are awarded a six-month residency in Berlin for their contribution to the art of film. They seek out emerging directors as well as established auteurs who broaden their understanding of cinema and the world.
  • Music and sound: They welcome all forms of adventurous, exceptional and innovative sound work that broadens and challenges their understanding of contemporary music. Traditional music (which is not suited to contemporary practice), as well as commercial music, film, opera and theatre music, are excluded. The programme is open to composers and composer-performers, but not to performers. There are four music and sound grants per year.
  • Literature: They offer six scholarships in the field of literature and writing. All literary forms are welcome: poetry, fiction, non-fiction and essays, as well as drama.
What are they looking for?
  • The grant has been created to offer the recipients time and space to focus on their creative practice without any obligation to produce. Fellows of the programme are invited to actively engage with the vibrant cultural scenes of Berlin and Germany, as well as with different communities in the city. Each year, around twenty outstanding practitioners from diverse cultural backgrounds are invited to Berlin.
  • The Artists-in-Berlin programme is committed to including and presenting a wide range of voices and perspectives, and to advancing gender equality. Throughout its history, the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme has been a key player in promoting the internationalisation of contemporary arts in Germany. Nevertheless, much remains to be done to recognise the value and relevance of contemporary practices beyond Eurocentric frameworks.
  • At this point in history, they see it as their responsibility to demonstrate a clear commitment to creating equal access, visibility and resources through their institutional practice without measuring artistic positions against a Western art and cultural system and its market. The programme is a prize for outstanding practitioners. It is designed for established artists who have already developed their own voice and position. There is no age limit (upwards).
  • They support gender equality and diversity of background. Although an academic background is not required for selection, the Artists-in-Berlin programme is interested in work that intellectually examines and takes a critical approach to historical and current issues and discourses. They therefore favour artists who go beyond pure aesthetics and tackle the relevant issues of their time.
Eligibility criteria
  • German nationals are not eligible to apply.
  • Artists whose main residence is the Federal Republic of Germany may not apply, regardless of their nationality, except in cases where the first registration took place within 15 months of the application deadline (Please include a copy of the registration, deadline: 1st September of the previous year).
  • German nationals (including those with dual nationality) living abroad can only apply if they can credibly prove that their main place of residence is in the country from which they are applying - as a guide, a minimum stay of six years is required.

For more information, please visitBerliner Künstlerprogramm.

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