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Cancer: Health equity research grant

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is launching a call for applications for the 2025 Health Equity Research Grant.

Despite major advances in ovarian cancer research over the last 20 years, tackling health disparities remains an area where significant progress still needs to be made. OCRA believes that every ovarian cancer patient should have the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome from care and treatment, and that socio-economic status, geographical location or racial or ethnic origin should have no impact on the likelihood of achieving these goals.

Deadline: 27 March 2024

Name of donor : Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)

Amount of the grant : 100,000 $ to 500,000 $

Category: Grant

Areas of interest

  • Search
  • CancerDiseases
  • Women and gender
  • Health

The aim of this grant programme is to support research projects that promote equity, inclusion and evidence-based approaches to overcoming barriers faced by marginalised communities, with a focus on ovarian and/or associated gynaecological cancers. For the purposes of this grant, marginalised communities are defined as groups who have historically struggled to gain equal access to care due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability status and language barriers. They encourage researchers from groups under-represented in science to apply, but this is not a requirement for the grant.

Research areas
  • Research projects can cover a wide range of research areas, including :
    • Identify and address the social, cultural and economic factors that contribute to health disparities related to ovarian cancer
    • Improving access to quality care, diagnostic tools and treatment options for underserved communities affected by ovarian cancer
    • Exploring the impact of racial, ethnic, socio-economic or geographical disparities on disease progression and survival rates
    • Study the genetic and molecular factors influencing disparities in ovarian cancer and potential therapeutic approaches
Information on financing
  • Support of up to USD 100,000 per year for two years (USD 200,000 in total) will be granted to the institution in which the beneficiary will carry out the research.
  • The health equity research grant will start on 1 March 2025.
Eligibility criteria
  • Principal investigators at all stages of their career are eligible. The candidates must hold a PhD, ScD, MD or other doctorate at the time of application.
  • There must be a clearly defined research project with health equity objectives and a focus on ovarian and/or related gynaecological cancers. Projects seeking funding for community programmes without a defined research component are not eligible for this grant.
  • The selection committee will look very favourably on creative, original applications that aim to understand or reduce the health disparities associated with ovarian cancer.
  • The main criterion for consideration will be the likelihood that investigators will be able to leverage this funding to explore ideas specifically related to reducing health disparities, with long-term impact on the field. The ideal project would provide resources to promote data generation, which would be able to conduct high-impact research and compete successfully for further funding, as well as authorship of impactful scientific publications. Proposed projects can be new research projects or part of ongoing research.
  • International candidates are invited to apply.
  • Researchers whose proposed projects do not focus on equity in terms of research on ovarian cancer or other related gynaecological cancers are not eligible for this grant.

For more information, please visit OCRA.

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