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"The most important thing, I think, is to have led people to have confidence in themselves, to understand that at last they can sit down and write about their development, write about their happiness and say what they want. And at the same time, to feel what the price is for happiness".

The Burkinabe Fundraising Association builds the capacity of organisations in the French-speaking African sub-region.

From 27 February to 4 March, the Association Burkinabè de Fundraising is organising a training course in support mobilisation in Lomé, Togo. This training aims to strengthen and consolidate the capacities of organisations in the French-speaking African sub-region.

The participants come from various regions, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Cameroon, Mauritania, Benin and Togo. They represent organisations such as the Bambalé Foundation, Super Aigle, CAC VASTARE, Plan FUTUR, Association Dogon Initiative du Mali, ACFISA, CMC Sainte Union, Tomoka and ADPDH.

This face-to-face training complements the online training that took place earlier in 2022. It will allow participants to share experiences and learn best practices on how to include stakeholders in their endogenous development project. The training will cover topics such as identifying obstacles and possible solutions, planning a support mobilisation project, communicating effectively with stakeholders and monitoring and evaluation.

Nowadays, mobilising support A major challenge for civil society organisations in Africa, especially in the context of the multiple crises in the countries of the sub-region. The training offered by the ABF is therefore essential to build the capacity of organisations and to enable them to successfully carry out their mission.

We wish all participants a fruitful learning experience and encourage organisations in Africa to continue their important work for endogenous community development.


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