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Capacity building of community-based organisations

Successful training in local resource mobilisation in Bobo Dioulasso

As part of its commitment to strengthening the capacity of community-based organisations (OBC), the Association Burkinabè de Fundraising (ABF) successfully organised the first phase of training in local resource mobilisation in Bobo Dioulasso from 08 to 12 May. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the skills of CBOs in the south-west region of Burkina Faso. Several associations, such as the Association Espoir pour le Développement Social (AEDS), the Association Terre de Femmes Burkina (ATF), the Association Jeunesse et Entrepreneuriat (AJE) and the Club d'Éducation Actuelle (CLEDUCA), actively participated in this event.


Capacity building in resource mobilisation :

This training enabled the various associations to discover and explore various aspects of resource mobilisation. Participants were able to understand the importance of diversifying funding sources and learn about fundraising techniques. They also learned how to organise a fund-raising event, the steps and techniques to follow, and the key characteristics of fund-raising.

The diversity of subjects covered:

Participants were also introduced to the different types of donors and possible sources of income. They learned how to develop a resource mobilisation plan for a specific project and acquired the skills needed to design and implement a local resource mobilisation event. In addition, the training highlighted the importance of effective communication techniques in the fundraising process and emphasised the importance of maintaining strong relationships with donors.

A step towards operational efficiency:

This training course is the logical follow-up to the previous session on mobilising support, held in September 2020 in Bobo Dioulasso. At a time when fundraising to implement projects and programmes is a major challenge for community-based organisations, this training offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen the effectiveness of structures in the field. Participants will now have the tools and knowledge they need to successfully carry out their community development initiatives.


Training in mobilising local resources in Bobo Dioulasso was a significant step towards building the capacity of community-based organisations. Participants acquired new fundraising skills and were able to share their experiences while learning about best practice in the field. Thanks to this training, participants will be better prepared to mobilise the support and resources they need to carry out their projects and promote community development.

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