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"The most important thing, I think, is to have led people to have confidence in themselves, to understand that at last they can sit down and write about their development, write about their happiness and say what they want. And at the same time, to feel what the price is for happiness".

A New Page in History at Samaga High School: The 55 million Building of Hope

The educational horizon of Samaga high school is brightened by another outstanding achievement thanks to the initiative vision of the Association Jeunesse et Entrepreneuriat (AJE). A modern building, comprising four rooms equipped with ergonomic tables and benches, as well as an office dedicated to teachers, is redefining educational standards in the region.

The project, worth an estimated €55 million, goes beyond classrooms. It includes modern sanitation facilities, ensuring an environment conducive to learning. In addition, solar-powered boreholes have been incorporated, ensuring sustainable access to drinking water.

The positive impact of this achievement is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the Japanese Embassy, whose invaluable support made this generous contribution possible. As a committed partner, the Embassy of Japan joins forces with AJE to bring to life projects that transcend borders and build communities.

It should also be noted that AJE, as an active member of the associations formed by the Burkina Faso Fundraising Association, is part of a global approach to mobilising support and local resources in the Hauts-Bassins region. This membership strengthens the scope and legitimacy of the actions undertaken by AJE, anchoring their commitment in the very fabric of the community.

This remarkable initiative demonstrates the tangible power of mobilising resources by and for the community. It embodies endogenous development at its best, underlining that by joining forces we can forge a brighter educational and community future.

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