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Apply for Young Health Programme Scholarship
Apply for Young Health Programme Scholarship

Deadline Date: 14-Oct-2021

Donor Name: One Young World

Grant Size: Not Available

Category: Scholarship

Reference URL : Cliquez ici

Langue  : EN

The One Young World is accepting applications for its Young Health Programme (YHP) Scholarship to identify and empower young leaders who are tackling the burden of NCDs through advocacy, innovation and the delivery of primary health services.

Apply for Young Health Programme Scholarship. Since 2016 the programme has enabled more than 100 young leaders to join the One Young World Community and participate in the annual One Young World Summit.

YHP Scholars are social entrepreneurs, educators, activists, volunteers, health professionals, executives, investors, mentors and much more working in areas as diverse as mental health, primary healthcare, sexual and reproductive health, emergency response, primary and secondary prevention, education and digital platforms.

This scholarship is powered by and delivered in partnership with AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme. The YHP is a core part of AstraZeneca’s sustainability ambition to use its capabilities to make a meaningful impact where society needs it – health. The YHP is a disease prevention programme with a unique focus on young people aged 10 to 24 living in vulnerable and under-resourced settings around the world. The YHP addresses the primary risk factors – tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and exposure to air pollution – that contribute to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – cancers, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases and mental ill-health.


Scholars will receive:

  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2022 in Tokyo, Japan which takes place from 23 – 26 May.
  • Participation in an exclusive YHP pre and post-Summit programme.
  • Hotel accommodation in Tokyo from 21 – 26 May.
  • Travel to and from Tokyo (economy)
  • All meals covered (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on conference days)
  • Transport between Summit accommodation and the Summit venue
  • Discretionary funds to cover reasonable out of pocket expenses connected with getting to and from the Summit. Reimbursement for these can be claimed by Scholarsafter the Summit.

Eligibility Criteria of Apply for Young Health Programme Scholarship

  • Aged 18 – 30
  • Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship
  • Applicants must demonstrate positive impact related to tackling NCDs

Selection Process

  • One Young World will evaluate applications according to the following criteria:
    • Evidenced commitment to addressing health and wellbeing in a local, national or global community, with a specific focus on child and adolescent health and/or disease prevention and/or social determinants of health programming.
    • Leadership ability in championing and galvanising stakeholders around their chosen cause or issue.
    • A capacity for innovation and problem solving that is entrepreneurial and values-driven.
    • Concern for local and global issues.
    • Experience of working towards a shared goal through teamwork and collaboration.
  • A shortlist of candidates identified by One Young World will advance to an assessment process conducted by the YHP.
  • The YHP will select 12 scholarship recipients.

For more information, visit One Young World.

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