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"The most important thing, I think, is to have led people to have confidence in themselves, to understand that at last they can sit down and write about their development, write about their happiness and say what they want. And at the same time, to feel what the price is for happiness".

King prod
Make Gorom-Gorom clean, the fight of the young people of the KING PROD Association!

Make Gorom-Gorom clean, the fight of the young people of the King PROD Association!

  • Location: Gorom-Gorom/ Sahel region
  • Amount to be raised: 7,433,000 CFA francs

King Prod, a dynamic association of young people and women set up in 2020 in Gorom-Gorom in the Sahel region, is dedicated to sanitation, promoting good citizenship, youth entrepreneurship and raising awareness of blood donation. Through initiatives such as blood donation and keeping public places clean, it has already left a positive mark.

As a partner in the Giving for Change programme of the'Association Burkinabè de Fundraising, King Prod has been trained in support mobilisation and
local resources. Their current project aims to organise a sanitation operation in Gorom-Gorom. This initiative will mobilise communities to help improve their living environment. This prestigious programme Giving for Change has revolutionised their methods, helped them mobilise more resources and strengthened their credibility, offering a unique opportunity to strengthen their foothold in the Soum region.

Join us King Prod to make a difference and work together towards a better future for the women and young people of Gorom-Gorom through their sanitation project.

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