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"The most important thing, I think, is to have led people to have confidence in themselves, to understand that at last they can sit down and write about their development, write about their happiness and say what they want. And at the same time, to feel what the price is for happiness".

Apply for the WMI 2024 student bursary programme

Apply now for the WMI scholarship programme, a highly competitive scholarship opportunity for students from developing countries.

Important dates:

Deadline: 01 March 2024

Name of donor : Wells Mountain Initiative

Amount of the grant :  1,000 $ to 10,000 $

Category: Exchange

Area(s) of interest

The bursaries support students obtaining their first certificate, diploma or bachelor's degree and the bursary lasts for all years of undergraduate study.

Information on financing
  • WMI scholarships range from USD 300 to USD 3,000 per year and are awarded throughout the recipient's undergraduate studies. Although the maximum scholarship is US$3,000 $, they rarely award an amount this high. The average scholarship is USD 1,500.
  • The grant can be used for :
    • Tuition fees and charges
    • Books and materials
    • Room hire and meal
Eligibility criteria
  • The ideal candidate - A male or female student from a developing country who :
    • Successful completion of secondary education, with good to excellent grades;
    • Age 35 or under on 1 March 2024 ;
    • Will study in his own country or in another country in the developing world ;
    • is studying for his or her first baccalaureate or diploma ;
    • Be enrolled in a programme of study that will benefit the community and/or contribute to the continued growth and progress of their home country;
    • Plans to live and work in her own country after graduation;
    • Demonstrated commitment to giving back and volunteered before applying;
    • May have other funds available for their studies, but will not be able to pursue higher education without financial assistance.
  • Language
    • Applications must be completed in English.
    • All documents can be supplied in other languages, with official English translations.
Fellows' responsibilities
  • Maintain good grades in all university studies.
  • Be an ambassador for community service and commitment.
  • Carry out, record and document 100 hours of community service activities throughout the year.
  • Complete the academic semester report and the community service report for WMI scholarship holders.
  • Send official semester transcripts twice a year.
  • Communicate openly with the scholarship coordinator about your situation as a student.
  • They do not finance:
    • Study at a college, polytechnic or university in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or Europe. Education in these countries, while excellent, is too expensive for the scholarship amounts to be effective.
    • Master's or doctorate degrees: they prefer to use their limited resources to help young people obtain their first higher education degree. However, a medical degree is acceptable.
    • Laptops, conferences or trips Outstanding school debts or invoices.

For more information, please visit Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) .

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