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Applications open for the Wikimedia Research Fund

Applications are now open for the Wikimedia Research Fund to support individuals, groups and organisations interested in conducting research on or about Wikimedia projects.

Important dates:

Deadline: 15 December 2023

Name of donor : Wikimedia Foundation

Amount of the grant :  10,000 $ to 100,000 $

Category: Grant

Area(s) of interest

The Wikimedia Foundation supports individuals and organisations around the world to increase the diversity, reach, quality and quantity of free knowledge. They promote equity of knowledge aligned with the strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement. Funding programs focus on decentralized decision-making, regional committees, and reaching underrepresented communities.

Information on financing
  • Applications can be for up to $50,000 and they intend to award a minimum of six grants in this funding round.
  • Funding periods may last up to 12 months. The proposed works are expected to commence no earlier than June 1, 2024 and to be completed no later than June 30, 2025.
What are they financing?
  • They accept two types of submissions:
    • In-depth research proposals to contribute to generalizable knowledge that can improve and broaden their understanding of Wikimedia projects and their impact, introduce technical and socio-technical solutions that can improve the technology supporting Wikimedia projects and advance the Wikimedia Movement towards the 2030 strategic direction.
    • These proposals aim to strengthen, broaden and diversify the community of researchers studying Wikimedia projects.
Who are they funding?
  • They encourage submissions from all research disciplines, including, but not limited to, the humanities, social sciences, computer science, education and law.
  • They give priority to supporting applicants who have limited access to research funding, are in regions of the world where the Wikimedia research community is less represented, propose work in coordination or collaboration with Wikimedia affiliates, and/or propose work that has the potential to have a direct, positive impact on their local communities or on the global Wikimedia communities.
Eligibility criteria
  • Individuals, groups and organisations can apply. Any individual is entitled to three open grants at a time. This includes fast-track funds. Groups or organisations can apply for up to five open grants at a time.
  • Recipients must agree to the reporting requirements, be prepared to sign a grant agreement and provide the Wikimedia Foundation with the information necessary to process the funding.
  • They expect all recipients of research funds to adhere to Wikimedia's user-friendly space policy and universal code of conduct.
  • Applications and reports are accepted in English and Spanish.
  • Potential applicants should not submit a proposal if at least one of the following is true:
    • At least one candidate has been an employee or contractor of the Wikimedia Foundation in the last 24 months;
    • At least one candidate has had an advisory relationship with one or more chairs of the research fund committee or members of the Wikimedia research team;
    • At least one of the candidates is currently or has been a former formal collaborator of the Wikimedia Foundation's research team within the last 24 months;
    • At least one candidate has co-authored a scientific publication with the chairs of the Research Fund's committees in the last 24 months.

For more information, please visit the Wikimedia Foundation .

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