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"The most important thing, I think, is to have led people to have confidence in themselves, to understand that at last they can sit down and write about their development, write about their happiness and say what they want. And at the same time, to feel what the price is for happiness".

Omega Resilience Awards Africa (ORA-A) Scholarship 2024

Applications are invited from visionaries, activists, academics, artists, communicators and organisers involved in movements or struggles that highlight opportunities to create a more resilient future in the face of the global polycrisis.

Important dates:

Deadline: 15 February 2024

Name of donor : Mother Earth Health Foundation

Amount of the grant :  1,000 $ to 10,000 $

Category: Exchange

Area(s) of interest
Arts and culture
Young people and adolescents
Climate change

The ultimate aim of the fellowship is to build a cohort of activists/academics and innovative communicators committed to long-term involvement in knowledge generation in radical movements for transformation and system change.

Omega Resilience Awards - Africa (ORA -A) is designed to specifically identify visionaries, activists, academics, communicators, artists and people involved in movements or struggles in Africa - people who can help their communities imagine what will be needed to chart a course. towards a more resilient future in the midst of polycrisis. The Mother Earth Health Foundation (HOMEF) is the coordinator of the Africa cohort.

The ORA scholarship programme will focus primarily on identifying young communicators, artists, journalists, activists and public intellectuals who are committed to translating for their readers, viewers and listeners the links between seemingly disparate phenomena - climate, water, health and migration. - and how they interact within the wider system that is the polycrisis. While realising that communicating the full weight of the polycrisis can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming, they are looking for people who can make the complexity understandable and make sense to their readers, viewers and/or listeners.

They expect the Fellows to use their stories and projects to illustrate the scale of the global polycrisis and the range of competent interventions in response. In turn, they hope to better understand how the polycrisis is affecting different regions and what messages inspire action and hope.

Price information
  • ORA Africa scholarships are awarded annually. The 2024 fellows will receive individual support of 10,000 $.
  • The ORA Africa fellows would focus on work on the polycrisis.
Eligibility criteria
  • The grant is open to Africans living in Africa, preferably involved in movements and communities of struggle.
  • Candidates/nominees must not be over 45 years of age.
  • Candidates/nominees must demonstrate a track record of activism and innovative thinking.
  • All candidates/nominees must be active agents of change in their community.
  • Applicants/nominees must commit to attending regular seminars/webinars throughout the programme and be willing to create media (e.g. articles, podcasts, videos, photographs, etc.) that can be shared on the ORA's various media channels.
  • Candidates/nominees must provide 2 verifiable references to validate their application.

For more information, please visit Mother Earth Health Foundation .

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